Why do so many foreigners go to China and think China is good?





They don’t. China tries to promote this fake image to the world. Ever watched the show Avatar? China is like the city of Ba Sing Se. Where there is war outside, but the city thinks everything is fine.

Whatever image you have about China(For both Chinese and foreigners)。 It a hyper-nationalist society who thinks the west is racist towards them. Now anyone who has been to the west, know how many chinatowns exist. How Chinese people despite their unwillingness to integrate in other countries, can live their own way of life. How there are racist people in every society.




Gabriel Corsetti, knows Mandarin Chinese

I think this question contains a couple of questionable assumptions.

The first questionable assumption is that many foreigners go to China. The reality is that the number of foreigners living in China is infinitesimal. It is estimated that less than a million foreigners live in China at any given time. For a country of 1.4 billion, and the world’s second largest economy, this is nothing.

If we are talking about tourists or short-term visitors then there are more, but still not many. China’s inward tourism is actually very low for a country of its size and importance. Much smaller countries like Japan or Turkey receive as many or more foreign tourists in the course of a year.




The second questionable assumption is that many foreigners who go to China “think China is good”. There is a wide range of views among foreigners who have visited and lived in China. It is a complicated place to understand, and you need to live there for a few years to really develop some insight. Even then, people’s perceptions can vary widely. Some people who only visit briefly are blown away by the modernity and the top-notch infrastructure in the major cities. Others are put off by things like people spitting on the ground, and the polluted air.

When it comes to foreigners who have lived in China long-term, I would say that on average (and only on average) they have views of the country that are less positive than those of people who have never been there. China has lots of problems, and the longer you live there the more you come to notice them.




Keith Campbell, former Self Employed (2019-2020)

first visited China late last year for 1 month on my own . I was not sure what to expect, you hear lots of positive and negative views about the “modern” China.

I first visited Changsha for 5 days and I was blown away by the organisation for almost every event.

The security was amazing, the people were so friendly and the city itself was nothing like I expected, it was amazing.

There were “old” and “new” buildings side by side in some areas, the contrast was just so unexpected.

I stayed in a hotel that does not usually cater to “foreigners”, (I’m British), but the staff were fantastic. I decided on a trip to an island on the river but had to use the Metro, the hotel staff pointed me in the direction of the nearest station. I was a little apprehensive at first, but all the signs and notice were written in Chinese and in English, so are the ticket machines.






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